Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Are you unhappy, on edge, or feel like you are missing out on life?

Do you feel out of control with your behaviors, eating habits, and lack self care?

Are you controlled by cravings, or feel like you have let go of the reins in your life?

Wellness Coaching may be appropriate for you!

I offer one-on-one individualized coaching for health and wellness.  During our sessions we will look at your behaviors around food, nutrition, and movement , as well as stress management, sleep, and relationship dynamics.  My approach is holistic and seeks to encourage you to be the investigator of what works and what doesn’t in your life.   Some skills I use are; motivational interviewing, assessing lifestyle strengths and weaknesses, and utilizing nutrition to impact mood and decrease cravings of unhealthy foods.  I draw upon my training and education in the counseling and behavioral health field, as well as the addiction field to help you better implement lifestyle changes.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

My approach to coaching is structured, directive, solution focused, and requires a strong commitment.  Initially, we work together as a team to develop a plan of action.  This plan may include behavioral and nutritional changes, boundary setting, mindfulness, and lifestyle changes.  We follow up to check on the implementation of your unique plan and troubleshoot where needed.  Coaching is not used to diagnose or treat a psychological disorder.

What will be expected?

As stated previously, it takes a strong commitment on your part to participate in coaching.  I am here with information, direction, and guidance. You provide the motivation, curiosity, and action.  I will prescribe homework, reading, activities, and experiments, they are not optional, but we can work together to make them feasible and fit into your life.  If you are hungry for change, it will come.  Innitial 8 weeks of coaching recommended, but individual plans can be made to meet your goals.

I have been diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, Etc., is coaching still appropriate for me?

Although coaching is not used to diagnose or treat a psychological disorder, it can be a wonderful adjunct to mental health/psychiatric care.  If you are under the care of another mental health/psychiatric professional or have been stabilized, coaching may be a very good fit for you.  If you are unsure, we can address whether coaching or therapy will be appropriate for you in our first session.

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