About Me

Michelle Cherry, MA. LMFT, LPCC 
Phone: 408-384-8125 

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, License # 50847 and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, License # 1258.  I have worked in the mental health field since 2006.  I completed my undergrad at Santa Clara University with a BS in Psychology, and obtained my Masters in Counseling Psychology from University of San Francisco.  I am passionate about holistic healthy living, finding balance between self care, movement, nutrition, relationships, and work/service.  I enjoy working with clients that want to tap into their abilities and resources to create positive change in their lives.  I have worked in many different settings; including residential and outpatient treatment.  I have worked with emotionally and behaviorally disturbed teens.  I am experienced with substance abuse and counseling women (pregnancy and postpartum care).  I have formal training in Nutritional Psychology, Maternal Mental Health, Mindfulness & DBT, and Substance Abuse in Pregnancy.  I previously contributed to www.Schizophrenia.com and www.Pendulum.org pertaining to psychotic disorders.  I also work with individuals and families coping with severe mental illness of a loved one.

Services Provided

My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe space for you to explore and discover yourself.   I gently guide and observe your journey, but you dictate where this journey will take you. I work with teens and adults on issues impacting relationships.  These issues can be as common as transitioning through the adolescent period or as complex and unique as coping with severe mental illness in the family.  I also work with women on their gender specific mental health and life transition needs.  I work from a relational person-centered approach to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere.  My focus will not only be on the work in our sessions, but the behaviors and integration outside of our sessions.  Finding balance in all areas of ourselves allows us to succesfully navigate stressors and bumps in our lives.

Please view my specialty pages for more details about the issues I work with.


California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

Santa Clara Chapter CAMFT

Postpartum Support International

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